Residents of Hinton Service Area
Sincere thanks to every community resident who contributed to this plan through focus groups, surveys, community coffee shops and in other ways. Your ideas and insights make the plan real and realistic.

Citizens Advisory Group
Our community is grateful for the many, many hours the Citizens Advisory Group spent in meetings and listening to the community. Your energy and your commitment to this project have made our dream for a sustainable future possible.

The following residents served on the Citizens Advisory Group:
  • Dale Rhyason, Chair
  • Dan Rollert
  • Ellen Aust
  • Jane Macridis
  • Jason Griffiths
  • Jennifer Norquay
  • Mike Jodoin
  • Scott Sunderwald
  • Tanya Richardson
  • Tyler Waugh
The following members were appointed to the Citizens Advisory Group but were unable to complete their tenure on the committee:
  • Brad Young
  • Buzz Johnson
  • Gary Nielsen
  • Jerome Cranston
  • Jodie Thompson
  • Lavone Olson
Hinton Town Council
Thank you to Town Council for appointing a committee to represent the stakeholders of our community for the development of the Community Sustainability Plan.

2007-2010 Council
  • Bill Bulger
  • Mike Jodoin
  • Buzz Johnson
  • Ian Duncan
  • Jane Macridis
  • Stephen Mitchell
  • Mayor Glenn TayloR
Councillors Macridis, Jodoin and Johnson (alternate) were appointed to the Citizens Advisory Group.

2010-2013 Council
  • Bill Bulger
  • Janice Callihoo
  • Dale Currie
  • Ian Duncan
  • Jane Macridis
  • Stephen Mitchell
  • Mayor Glenn Taylor
Councillor Macridis was reappointed to the Citizens Advisory Group.

Town of Hinton - Technical Committee
Special thanks to Wendy Lesser, Project Coordinator, who provided day- to-day leadership, coordination, research and support throughout the process.

Thank you to Dan Pagely, Project Sponsor, Jean Anne Fraser and Bernie Kreiner who, collectively contributed throughout the process.

Financial Contributions
This plan was made possible by financial contribution and technical expertise from:
  • The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
  • The Grande Alberta Economic Region
  • The Rural Alberta Development Fund
  • The Town of Hinton
Project Support Partners
Thanks to the following organizations and individuals who provided their expertise and services to the community:

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
  • Kai So, lead
  • Joanne McGill
  • Waqas Yousafzai
  • Lucas Warren
Alberta Culture & Community Spirit
  • Kim Ghostkeeper, lead
  • Scott Vaughan
  • Pieter deVos