Moving To Implementation

Working together, the community has developed a blueprint for implementation that we can all rally around. Anyone who lives, works or plays here has a role to play. If you care about our community, we invite you to contribute.

Through this plan, the community requests our leaders to make the following commitments.
  • Hinton Town Council and future Councils: provide overall leadership and establish a “Monitoring Committee” to guide and monitor the plan.
  • Town of Hinton administration: provide leadership, engage partners, support the coordinating committee and develop communication plans and tools.
  • Facilitating and Implementing Partners: follow sustainability principles, ensure actions are completed and invite citizen involvement.
  • All stakeholders: actively participate in local decision-making.
With local authority leadership, partner commitment and sincere support for the community’s vision as expressed in this plan, the future is ours to build.
Governance - street sign