Project Background

The Federal New Deal for Cities and Communities specifies that municipalities must complete an integrated sustainability plan to qualify for Gas Tax Funding.

In May 2009, Hinton Town Council gave administrators the green light to begin working on a Municipal Sustainability Plan. It didn’t take long to recognize the limited scope of a municipality focused plan.

As the urban anchor within the western end of Yellowhead County, many of the services provided to individuals and families who live outside of Hinton and to industrial activities that take place outside town limits are provided by organizations based in Hinton. By focusing only on the Town of Hinton, a Municipal Sustainability Plan would exclude those who live in surrounding rural areas as well as the many other service providers within our community. To develop a meaningful sustainability plan, the Town of Hinton knew these voices had to be included.

Guided by this vision, the “municipality” focus of the sustainability plan shifted to include residents and service providers in the Hinton service area and this Community Sustainability Plan (CSP) was born.
For the People By the People
To ensure a full and fair representation of the community’s vision of sustainability, Hinton Town Council invited citizens to join a Citizens Advisory Group and appointed community volunteers to support the process and develop a Community Sustainability Plan. The invitation received a terrific response with individuals from across the area applying for positions on the committee. Members of the Citizens Advisory Group came from rural and urban households and represented a variety of sectors and interest groups. Among its many duties, the group was responsible for:
  • Engaging the public to participate in developing the Community Sustainability Plan
  • Working with the community to identify its current assets
  • Identifying and building partnerships with individuals, organizations and businesses
  • Conducting focus group sessions.
Hundreds of community members contributed to this plan, sharing their dreams, their values and their perspectives. Input was gathered through official means, such as coffee shop roundtables, workplace meetings, stakeholder focus groups and internet surveys. But other ideas came our way less formally, through discussions at the rink, on the playground or on the street corner. In short, anyone with an interest in the future of our community had the opportunity to contribute.

We believe we achieved our goal of creating an open and inclusive opportunity for all community members to participate in the development of the Hinton Community Sustainability Plan.
3.1 Who We are A snapshot