Our Vision for 2040

A Bold & Vibrant Future
As residents of the Hinton community, we know who we are and where we come from. We also know where we want to be 30
years from now. Our vision of the future is vibrant and bold and we are willing to work hard to achieve it. When we imagine where we will be in 2040, we envision a community that:

  • Values economic, cultural and social diversity
  • Celebrates our unique cultural heritage, small-town charm and natural landscape
  • Balances innovative economic development with ecological, human, economic and social resources
  • Encourages collaboration between local authorities, citizens, businesses and visitors in a manner that supports quality of life.
Our Hope for Tomorrow
In developing a vision for our future, the Citizens Advisory Group began by creating a baseline, a definition of who we are today. That analysis became our jumping off point for envisioning what we want our community to be like in 2040.

We drafted “whereas” clauses identifying where we see ourselves today and “therefore statement about where we want to go”.

The statements below, then, provide a snapshot of our community’s sense of itself today - and its hope for a sustainable future.

Hinton is located on the Eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, the community contains an abundance of natural resources that provide excellent economic and recreational opportunities, and


Our community’s responsibility to manage those resources for the benefit of future residents and visitors is paramount, and


Our community is an inclusive society where citizens are engaged in all aspects of the community creating a safe and harmonious place to live, work and play, and


Hinton is a regional service centre providing excellent facilities for arts, culture, education, recreation and medical services, and offers regional shopping opportunities, and


Our community’s economy is heavily reliant on natural resource industries which may be significantly impacted by external economic, environmental, and social trends, and


The community’s citizens recognize that we must evolve in a sustainable manner through “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland Commission).

We see our community in 2040 as:
  • More diversified economically, culturally and socially
  • More vibrant by celebrating our unique cultural heritage, small- town charm and natural amenities
  • More balanced by achieving innovative economic development while sustaining our ecological, human economic and social resources
  • More engaged with local authorities, citizens, business and visitors working collaboratively, thus allowing everyone to enjoy quality of life