Who We Are A Culture & Recreation Snapshot

Our Community
Gateway to Alberta’s Northern Rockies, our community is home to many who draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape. Some of us are inspired to create through visual, performing and literary arts. Others are inspired to recreate knowing the value of an active lifestyle and moved by the natural beauty of our community.

During community consultation for this sustainability plan, we heard the message loud and clear: Whether our creative outlet leans to active living or artistic explorations, we identify strongly with the community’s arts, culture and recreation organizations and programs. We have already proven our ability to mount happening festivals and create go-to destinations for recreation both inside and out. We want to continue building on this community’s great potential as a place where diverse cultural and recreational opportunities combine to boost quality of life.

The writing is on the wall. Communities that grow culturally and live actively have an improved sense of well-being, lower health care costs, more positive lifestyles and healthier self-image. As the buzz builds, our community based festivals, tournaments and cultural events will also boost tourism, the local economy and civic pride.

What do we mean by culture and recreation?
Culture encompasses the arts (including visual, performing and literary arts), heritage and history of an area or population. A key dimension of sustainability, place. Sometimes called the “way of life for an entire society”; it includes the beliefs, traditions and customs that a population passes on from generation to culture contributes to distinct identity and a strong sense of generation.

Recreation encompasses all the physical, social and creative things we do to make leisure time more interesting, enjoyable and personally satisfying. A fundamental human need, recreation provides opportunities to improve health, interact with others learn new skills, have fun and find balance in life.

"Culture plays a key role in Hinton's social, cultural and economic development, as vehicles for growth, urban renewal, and effective marketing of Hinton." - Town of Hinton Culture Policy, Adopted May of 2009