Community Perspectives on Governance & Partnerships

Residents consulted for this plan see great value in pulling together toward the common goal of a sustainable future. They urged elected leaders to be more intentional about engaging citizens and fostering partnerships as a way of building synergy and momentum.

Make Involvement Easier
County residents who live in the Hinton service area say participating in their local government is difficult not only due to the distance to the County office but also because the County does not post agendas on its website prior to council meetings. There is a need to improve communications with residents.

Improve Leadership
Some residents praised Hinton Town Council and administration for taking progressive action for the betterment of the community. While others residents provided a mixed review identifying the need to improve customer service.

Increase Collaboration Among Schools

Some residents asked why the school divisions do not get together to address youth challenges in the community, for example by offering shared extra-curricular opportunities. Also, they wondered why Yellowhead and Evergreen cannot fully share one school bus system to reduce transportation costs.

Go to the People & Listen
One focus group noted that social media can be useful for sharing and understanding an organization’s roles and initiatives, but said strengthening partner relationships requires dedicated time in face-to-face meetings. They said organizations seeking input need to go where the people are, rather than expecting people to come to them, especially in the case of cultural organizations.

“While a number of positive initiatives and actions were mentioned in the stakeholder interviews, there remain concerns that innovation and cooperation between programs and services was a missed opportunity and was not as strong as it needs to be if the Town is to achieve its community goals.”- Town of Hinton Social Development Strategy Hargreaves & Associates, 2009
To pull together, we need a shared destination. As amended and approved by stakeholders and partners, this Community Sustainability Plan will give us a roadmap with goals worth uniting around. All local authorities and groups will be invited to align their policies and plan with what the community says here, so that we can move toward a future we can be proud to have our grandchildren inherit.