Our Governance Strengths Local Authorities (Elected Officials)

The following elected bodies exercise leadership in the Hinton service area.

Town of Hinton: The seven-member Hinton Town Council is elected by residents living within town boundaries. Council’s mission states “Town Council serves the interest of our citizens to enable our community to reach full potential.” As part of that mission, council has committed to:
  • Make decisions that meet the needs of the present without compromising long-term community viability
  • Foster positive relationships
  • Promote Hinton’s strengths
  • Ensure municipal service delivery that supports the changing needs of the community
    • Hinton Town Council Mission, 2011 – 2013 Business Plan
Council’s business plan puts sustainability front and centre. In making all decisions, council does its best to weigh the likely impacts on our economy, environment, social, culture and governance.

Yellowhead County
The Hinton service area includes much of Yellowhead County Ward 8, including Cadomin, Brule and the area around Hinton. The nine-member Yellowhead County Council governs according to a policy statement that “requires accountability, transparency, participation, regulation and role clarity to ensure the practices are consistently understood and applied.” The Town of Hinton is not governed by Yellowhead County, but Cadomin, Brule and other smaller hamlets are. The County Office is in Edson, an hour east of Hinton on Highway 16.

Both town and county councils use Committees of Council to add depth to their deliberations about community matters. A blend of councillors and appointed public members, the committees address concerns specific to their mandate and promote a positive community environment.

Grande Yellowhead Public School Division: Seven trustees govern the public school division, including two from and representing Hinton and area. Stretching from Jasper National Park to Evansburg and north to Grande Cache, the jurisdiction includes 18 schools. Our community is served by three public schools: Crescent Valley, Harry Collinge High School and Ecole Mountain View School.

Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional Division: Eight trustees govern the Catholic school division, with the trustee for Ward 4 representing Hinton. Stretching from Spruce Grove to Hinton, the division operates two schools that serve our area: Gerard Redmond Community Catholic School and St. Gregory Catholic Elementary School.

Pondering City Status
Hinton is nearing a size at which we could move from “town” to “city” status. Opinions differ about whether the shift would be wise. Some residents welcome city status as a door to expanded opportunities and influence; others fear losing the small town atmosphere we so enjoy. It’s a topic needing continued discussion as we move forward together.

Elected Leaders as Sustainability Champions
As our community imagines the leadership we would like in the future, it’s useful to remember that local authorities can play four important roles in moving communities toward sustainability.
  • Direct service delivery: providing services that are legally mandated or needed, but not being met by other agencies.
  • Partnership: working with others within or beyond the community to address common community issues, find funding and build capacity for integrated, holistic service.
  • Leadership: as an employer; responding to family needs; encouraging volunteerism; offering mentorship opportunities; removing barriers for persons with disabilities; recent immigrants and Aboriginal Canadians.
  • Advocacy: calling for action regarding both immediate needs and long-term social change, recognizing that municipalities are not in full control of their destinies.
    • (Adapted from the Town of Hinton Social Development Strategy)