Achieving Our Natural & Built Environments Vision

Strategies for Achievement
The following strategies reflect the collective views of community stakeholders regarding the steps we must take to ensure the sustainability of the community’s natural and built environments:
  • Manage water resources to ensure that human water needs are met while preserving the state of natural, hydrological systems.
  • As a community and as individuals, endeavour to minimize our ecological footprint through waste reduction.
  • Endeavour to minimize the Hinton community’s ecological footprint by reducing pollution.
  • Protect and expand green spaces to conserve natural habitats, support biodiversity, enhance cultural resources and promote local food production.
  • Practise and promote energy conservation and alternate green energy development and use within all infrastructure systems to minimize our ecological footprint.
  • Foster balanced future growth and development of the community base with environmental and social conservation.
  • Be a pedestrian / cyclist / transit friendly community.
  • Promote the Hinton community’s unique heritage and natural setting in Alberta’s Northern Rockies through community aesthetics, streetscapes and public art.
These plans will almost certainly evolve. But at this point in our history, they give us a united focus for moving forward together.

The actions we need to take to achieve these strategies are included in Appendix B.