Responsible Parties

Keeping Alberta in Healthy Balance
We live in a special part of Alberta. Ultimately, each of us is responsible to keep this paradise in healthy balance.

The Town of Hinton and Yellowhead County also have important roles to play. Besides setting municipal policies that encourage rather than deter stewardship, their early adoption of sustainable building and management practices inspires others to follow suit.

The Province of Alberta, our single largest landowner, bears significant responsibility for the natural environment as well. This mandate is held by overlapping ministries, including Alberta Environment; Alberta Sustainable Resource Development; Alberta Tourism, Parks & Recreation; Alberta Energy; and the Energy Resources Conservation Board. To guide their work, the Government of Alberta recently launched the following planning initiatives:
  • The Land Use Framework for the Upper Athabasca region, to be developed by 2013, will prescribe the use and stewardship of land in our area.
  • The Athabasca Watershed Council is scheduled to develop a management plan for our watershed by 2019.
  • Plan for Parks, a blueprint spanning 2009-2019, is intended to ensure that provincial parks and natural areas are “protected yet accessible to Alberta’s growing population.”
Responsibilities also overlap in our Wildland Urban Interface, where urban life and structures intersect with forested areas. The provincial FireSmart initiative helps prevent fires in these areas by promoting the use of fire- resistant materials and landscaping practices. FireSmart depends on partnership with governments, local industry, neighbours, community associations, fire departments, local advisory committees and forestry personnel.
The BearSmart is a public awareness program for people visiting, living or working in bear territory. The goals are to empower Albertans with the information to make safe decisions when in bear territory, help bear populations survive by educating people on how to prevent encounters and how to respond appropriately in a bear encounter along with reducing property damage caused by bears.