Design for a Mountain Gateway

Plan Integration
Since 2003, urban design has been guided by the Town of Hinton Community Development and Enhancement Plan. The plan integrates 3 key community plans:
  • The Town of Hinton Parks Master Plan
  • The Visitor Attractions Plan
  • The Urban Form Plan
In brief, the intent behind each plan is as follows:
  • Urban form that is unique and recognizable can enhance a community, become a source of pride and prompt visitors to stay awhile. To enhance the Hinton brand as “Gateway to the Rockies,” standards for buildings and shopping districts call for design that evokes mountain culture and heritage.
  • Parks and open space add to quality of life for residents; what’s more, an integrated, quality parks system can become a primary visitor attraction. Toward that end, new park buildings and signage reflect the town’s alpine themed urban form.
  • Visitor attractions are a source of pride and can enhance our community’s role as a tourism destination. Besides benefiting residents, tourism facilities and services (including visiting parks and urban forms) encourage everyone to become a tourism promoter.
In tune with those plans, the Town has passed architectural guidelines calling for a “mountain alpine” look along Highway 16.