Five Dimensions of Sustainability

Foundations for the Community
In working toward developing a sustainability plan, there are 5 pillars, or dimensions, of sustainability that are defined. Each of these pillars, along with its defined goals, will act as a lens for us to evaluate current reality and future planning initiatives and the effect they have on our community. The pillars provide a foundation for maintaining balance in the community.
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Culture in sustainability means identity and sense of place. Our goal is celebrating vibrant and festive communities for the expression and enhancement of a distinct identity and strong sense of place.

Ensuring diversity and local productivity will create a flourishing and diverse economy. This is done by creating conditions conducive to economic development and fostering communities where people want to live and do business.

We strive for a natural and built environment with the goal of preserving quality and naturally built environments that minimize the negative impacts of development.

Governance should be transparent and inclusive. Transparent, collaborative, and inclusive decision-making ensures both representation and leadership are accountable to the community.

Creating a harmonious and inclusive society allows for the growth of communities that promote stability, diversity, and a high quality of life for all.