Message from the Citizens Advisory Group

Boundless Thinking
Boundless think is what we heard when we asked what your vision for a truly sustainable community could be by 2040. In small and large groups, in surveys, and in person, hundreds of people from Hinton and neighboring Yellowhead County communities participated in sharing their ideas about the future. Their wisdom, your wisdom, is reflected in the following pages. You told us that you appreciate the improvements made in recent years, but that we can’t stop here. Knowing the divisions that so easily come due to varied income, geography, and culture, you called for a more caring community that meets the spectrum of human needs within it. Given our dependence on resource extraction and our love of nature in all her untouched elegance, you called for a balancing act that ensures best use of each resource. Recognizing the danger in relying too much on any 1 economic sector, you called for a diverse economy rooted in local ingenuity. Realizing that services and talent flow back and forth between town and countryside, you called for collaborative, responsible governments that reach beyond jurisdictional silos. Understanding the essential role of creative and engaged citizens in communities that prosper, you envisioned community building through arts, culture, heritage, and recreation.

It is important to have a plan with goals that we are all working towards, so that the community grows stronger together. We have faith in this plan
both because it echoes what we heard from you and because it balances the 5 essential dimensions of sustainability: environment, economy, social, culture, and governance. Yet this plan is not etched in stone. In fact, our greatest hope is that it becomes a living document that grows with our community.We recognize the plan identifies a call to “action” that extends beyond one jurisdictional area. Whatever opportunities and challenges the future brings, we hope this plan inspires a style of working together that accomplishes things we have never yet dreamed of-each 1 a step toward a more sustainable future. Collective action is key, because we are stronger in numbers.

Thank You
The typical sustainability plan is built by consultants or administrators or major stakeholders. Ours, by contrast, is rooted in the community and
belongs to the community as a whole. It reflects consensus drawn from a diversity of perspectives; from youth to seniors, from resource workers to tourism operators, from homeowners to renters. Hearty thanks to community residents and organizations for your role in developing the content for the Community Sustainability Plan. And thank you to the many people who helped bring it together. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of you already own huge chunks of this plan. Now we need your voice, and your energy, as together we make it come to life.

Citizens Advisory Group
“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.”
~ Carl Sagan, author and astronomer