How to Get Involved: Theme 1 - Culture & Recreation

  • If you’re an artist, talk to the Town about sharing your art with the community through the Creative Fronts initiative, which puts to use vacant store fronts to enrich the community with local art.
  • If you’re a business owner, consider inviting local performers to use your business location. It is enriching for the community, and sure to draw a crowd to your business. Or consider getting your name out there by sponsoring a local event or fundraiser.
  • Attend community events. Hinton is well-known for the great recreational and cultural events offered throughout the year. To name a few, the Föhn Festival, the Beaver Bike Festival, the Snowflake Parade, and the Wild Mountain Music Festival attract visitors and residents alike. Attendance to these events means that they can continue to grow and flourish.
  • Check out the Hinton Archives, located at the Hinton Municipal Library. If you are a long-time Hinton resident, consider donating some of your Hinton memorabilia to share with the community.
Support one of these great organizations with your time and donations:

  1. Arts Club, which spearheads local arts events and workshops.
  2.  Break-A-Leg Theatre, which promotes live theatrical productions.
  3. Hinton Mountain Bike Association, a group that makes the most of Alberta’s Mountain Bike Mecca through weekly club rides, trail revival, and trail mapping. This group is credited with building the Hinton Mountain Bike Park.
  4. Hinton On Stage Society, which presents a minimum of three concerts a year.
  5. Hinton Historical Society, whose members are devoted to the preservation and appreciation of Hinton’s heritage.
  6. Hinton Performing Arts Society, which is a major supporter of the performing arts scene in Hinton.
  7. Rotary Club of Hinton, which focuses on volunteerism, and has been involved in many events, from the construction of the Beaver Boardwalk to the Junior Firefighters Program.