Purpose of the Community Sustainability Plan

As drafted, the Hinton Community Sustainability Plan builds on the positive aspects of our community today and addresses the challenges our community will encounter in the future. Integrating the visions of urban and rural residents and business owners, it offers a bold and balanced strategy for managing change and moving forward.

The Community Sustainability Plan:
  • Allows our community to enhance its assets
  • Encourages partnerships and collaboration
  • Builds on existing plans and investments
  • Assists our mountain community in reaching its full potential Guides decision making through a balanced sustainable perspective
  • Ensures that a sustainable Hinton also meets the needs of our service area.
This plan is a living document. It requires continual monitoring and updating as actions are achieved and local and global conditions change. As we continue to advance the plan, we do so with the knowledge that we will most effectively achieve this shared vision of our future by sharing the responsibility for bringing it to life.

“I‟m amazed at the progress evident in Hinton over the last five years. We are from outside of Hinton originally and can‟t imagine leaving now.”- Community Consultation Participant