Strategies, Actions & Themes

In this Community Sustainability Plan, we propose broad community goals and specific strategies that will affect most facets of community life, including neighborhoods, businesses, schools, youth, and families.

The proposed strategies and actions are based on formal and informal community input, stakeholder focus groups and government and industry experts. As well, we consulted best practices in sustainability planning. As we listened to the community input, we found that the issues corresponded with 5 theme areas:
  • Culture and Recreation
  • Education and Wellness
  • Governance and Partnerships
  • Local Economy
  • Natural and Built Environments
The strategies and actions are the heart of this plan. Based on what we heard from you, this is what we need to do to reach our potential and ensure quality of life for everyone who lives here. A consolidated list of all strategies and related actions can be found in Appendix B.

As the plan unfolds, we will use an outcomes-based model to ensure the community is moving towards the desired vision
1.5 B a SC Strategies actions and themes

“I have grown to love Hinton over the years I have lived here, and I hope it just keeps improving!
- Community Consultation Participant