Who Are We

To achieve a sustainable future, we must know who we are today. As the hub of the Northern Rockies, Hinton and the surrounding area are truly a mountain community. We are surrounded by natural beauty and blessed with an abundance of natural resources that provide excellent economic and recreational opportunities.

Our community includes everyone who lives, works or plays within the Hinton service area. We are home to 11,025 residents with 9,825 living in the urban core of Hinton and approximately 1,200 living in communities that are within the rural area of Yellowhead County.

Our service area is unique in that the urban core provides essential services while the surrounding rural area provides employment and recreational opportunities to all. As a result both urban and rural residents take pride in their community.
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Defining the Community
The Hinton Community is defined as the service area that includes the municipality of Hinton and a portion of Yellowhead County encompassing the area from Obed to the Jasper National Park boundary, and from Cadomin to north of William A. Switzer Provincial Park. It includes 13 rural communities: Aspen Heights, Brule, Cadomin, Carldale, Entrance, Folding Mountain, Grandview Estates, Mountain View Estates, Maskuta Estates, Obed, Old Entrance, Overlander and Seabolt Estates.

We Believe in Balance
Our economy relies on natural resource industries that are influenced by external economic, environmental and social trends. We accept responsibility for managing our natural resources in a way that will benefit future residents and visitors.

In partnership with industry and other stakeholders, we aim to strike a balance between industry and the environment. We are committed to meeting today’s needs in a way that preserves the natural beauty and integrity of our surroundings.

We Embrace Diversity
Ours is a diverse community, more diverse than many Alberta centres in culture, age, profession and income. We value diversity and want everyone here to feel welcome and heard, from the Aboriginal peoples who have lived here for centuries to the newcomers who have chosen to make our community their home.

We welcome new residents with open arms, whether they hail from other parts of Canada or from around the world.
We recognize that embracing diversity is about more than welcoming new cultures. It’s about ensuring that everyone can openly share thoughts and perspectives on issues that are important to the community.

“When inviting Aboriginal participants to meetings, you need to know your market. We often need child care and transportation options. As well, our elders would like the opportunity to share ideas on a regular basis.”
- Community Consultation Participant

We Care About One Another
We are an inclusive community, committed to creating a safe and harmonious place for all to live, work and play regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnicity or income.

We show we care by being good neighbours, by volunteering in the community and through our commitment to planning for the future.

“Our local food bank is actually over-subscribed with volunteers. We never have a problem getting people to come out and serve at dinners or support an activity or program or event. It‟s all a part of our sense of community not boastful, but a quiet pride.”
- Community Consultation Participant

We Value Life-Long Learning
Education is critical to a sustainable future. We want to provide learning in our community for everyone, from the toddler in an early childhood development program to a senior citizen attending a workshop at our adult learning centre.

We recognize that more work is needed to nurture a culture of learning and provide the opportunities for people to learn here at home. Many of our residents are apprentices, trades people, equipment operators, health care providers and educators. We are committed to offering these workers community based training that will enable them to perform their jobs safely and effectively in an ever changing workplace.

“The 2006 Census shows that 11% of the Town of Hinton‟s population is Aboriginal which is about twice the rate found elsewhere in Alberta. Hinton also has noticeably higher percentages of Filipino people (40% of all ethnic groups reported) Chinese (19%) and Japanese (12%).”
- Town of Hinton Social Development Strategy Hargreaves & Associates, 2009

We Strive for Quality of Life
To attract and retain community members, we strive to provide services and activities that enhance quality of life in the community. From shopping, educational, medical services to social, cultural and recreational initiatives smaller communities like ours thrive when opportunities for growth and improvement are available.

We believe in the value of creating a safe, healthy and caring community that fosters a sense of belonging and pride.

We Are Not Afraid of Change
We welcome the changes we will encounter as we grow. By thoughtfully managing change, we can ensure the best future for our community. This Community Sustainability Plan supports citizens, businesses, and industries and the education and social services sectors as they plan for change.

“Town Council works together in the best interests of our community to enable all citizens to enjoy a positive Quality of Life. Town Council accomplishes this by:
  • Making decisions that meet the needs of the present without compromising long-term viability of our community
  • Fostering positive relationships
  • Promoting Hinton‟s strengths
  • Ensuring municipal service delivery that supports the changing needs of the community.”
    • Hinton Town Council Mission - 2009-2010 Business Plan