Strategies & Actions

Achieving Our Vision
The strategies and actions on the following pages reflect the collective view and finding of our community stakeholders regarding all five themes within this plan. Based on what you said, these are the steps that need to be taken to move our community toward a sustainable future.

It is important to note that the strategies and actions are listed by theme, and that the order in which they are presented does not reflect their priority. The “Priority” column denotes the importance of achieving each action as defined by community input and is identified as low, medium or high.

Facilitating partners will call together the relevant implementing partners and obtain a commitment to lead the work required. Implementing partners who make this commitment will initiate, manage and report on the action. Multiple Partners refers to a number of organizations that will be required to complete this action. It will be the Facilitating Partner who will look to engage the organizations required to implement the action. Named Partners identified in addition to “multiple partners” have committed to participating in achieving that action.

Not all actions will begin immediately, we anticipate some actions will take significantly longer than others to complete. As part of the reporting, implementing partners will identify when an action should be started and confirm the time needed. In some cases, the actions will be ongoing and result in additional services, programs and infrastructure.

In many instances, facilitating and as timelines are determined in the implementation of the plan, this information will be reported back to the community.

These strategies and actions will almost certainly evolve as our community stretches and grows. But at this point in our history, they give us a united focus for moving forward together.

“Hinton is a great place to live. The vision statement if achieved, will allow it to be even better.”
 - Community Consultation Participant