Who We Are: A Snapshot of Education & Wellness

A Caring Community
We are a caring community; we are willing to work together through difficult issues. We’re quietly generous with our time and expertise. We focus on the future, on what is possible, and take action to get things done. We are active, with an abundance of energy and heart to match. We have numerous informal and formal places to soak up knowledge and skills.

We are also a community with unique challenges. While our median income is higher than the Alberta norm, the gap between rich and poor is also greater. We lack some essential services prompting families, seniors and youth to head elsewhere for support and even to live. With no permanent post-secondary institution, we can’t offer the full menu of training and apprenticeships that would allow students to fully prepare right here for jobs with our largest employers.
3.2 Our Educational Strengths
That said, we are already gearing up to fill gaps in our education and wellness landscape. Just a few examples: Plans for a post-secondary campus are underway, our array of affordable housing is expanding, youth programming is on the rise and we are working hard to attract a broader array of health care services to the town.

We aim to be a community with education and wellness opportunities that attract new residents and inspire everyone to stay.
“University towns never die. Let‟s roll out the red carpet and create a splendid campus of the Rockies that will attract students from around the world with its focus on environmental studies, local industries, arts and tourism.” - Community Consultation Participant
What Do We Mean by Education and Wellness?
Education encompasses the formal and informal systems that facilitate the lifelong learning of residents and visitors. This cradle-to-grave approach to learning includes early childhood development, K-12 education, post secondary education, trades and skills training, language training and literacy (functional, cultural, information, media, mathematical, computer/technological) and personal interests.

Wellness means being in good physical, mental, spiritual and social health. It incorporates a wide array of areas, including (but not limited to) family support, housing, health care, nutrition, poverty, safety and security. A community that values wellness fosters the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being of all who live there, enabling them to grow to their highest potential.