Who We Are: A Snapshot of Governance & Partnerships

Community leadership is shared among numerous boards, committees and grassroots groups working to advance specific causes. The insight brought to the table by residents who care about our community is essential to meeting the needs of the unique mix of people who live here.

Our community is served by two municipal governments: the Town of Hinton and Yellowhead County. Town residents are represented by the mayor and six at large councillors; those in surrounding rural areas are represented by the Ward 8 councillor for Yellowhead County. The entire community is represented provincially by the Member of the Legislature Assembly for the constituency of West Yellowhead and federally by the Member of Parliament for the Yellowhead Riding.

Among both residents and community leaders, there is a sense that a sustainable future depends on our ability to reach across divisions and differences and partner together to accomplish shared goals.
“Partnerships foster improved communication and trust, thereby creating community support and commitment. Partnerships increase resources and can achieve more than when initiatives are undertaken alone.” - Town of Hinton Social Development Strategy Hargreaves & Associates, 2009
Good Governance Recipe
What Do We Mean by Governance & Partnerships?
Governance refers to the system of processes and structures that dictate how the local government, elected representatives and other community leaders inform, direct, manage and monitor their organizations to achieve goals and objectives.

Partnerships are the relationships of two or more entities working together for mutual benefit.