Heritage & History

Bringing the Past to Life
Heritage and history are important components of a vibrant arts and culture scene. There are 4 initiatives within our community that help to preserve local heritage and history.
  • Community members who are interested in researching local records can consult the Hinton Coal Branch Archives, located within the library. The archives offer genealogy, reference and media conversion or duplication services.
  • The non-profit Historical Tracks and Trails Society is restoring the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Station House as a local museum. During community consultation, the Historical Tracks and Trails Society shared its dual vision of the museum as a place to “preserve our rich history” and a place that “supports local economy and develops tourism” through historical tours and educational programs for all ages. The museum will be “a community hub and a place to celebrate our culture.”
  • Forestry and mining are important aspects of who we are as a community. The Alberta Forest Service Museum, located at the Hinton Training Centre, focuses on the role and impact of forestry in the province and reflects back on the work performed by the early rangers.
  • In 2010, a concept plan was announced for an interpretive park at the Happy Creek Day Use area to celebrate mining in the region. The Hinton Collieries Mine site began operating on that site in 1929.
Our community also has historical settlements such as Mountain Park, Coal Branch, Prairie Creek and Entrance to name a few.
“Celebrating and embracing the diversity of multiculturalism in Hinton means acknowledging the Native Americans that live here.” - Community Consultation Participant
What do we mean by heritage and history?
Heritage is the legacy of physical artifacts and intangible attributes that a community inherits from past generations, maintains in the present and bestows to future generations. This includes natural heritage (the countryside and natural environment, including flora and fauna), which is an important aspect of culture.

History is a record of past events that focus on the activities of human beings through the social, cultural and political environment.
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